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C & L Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning installs heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration units for business owners and homeowners. For each air conditioning unit, we measure your house to ensure we install a unit that functions well according to the size of your home or business. The AC unit is installed outside, including the installation of any electrical or plumbing work.


Before we begin any unit installation, we first speak with you concerning your quote and the service necessary

At C & L Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning, we work to ensure your needs are met through our quality HVAC installation and service, as well as our refrigerator and freezer repair work.
Refrigerators - Service & Repair

Have your home or business's refrigerator and freezer repaired and serviced by our trusted crew of workers. We offer quality maintenance for standard-size home refrigeration units as well as large commercial units.


Our company recommends that you have your refrigerator and freezer serviced at least once a year to ensure it is working condition. As a special service for seniors, we offer to clean their refrigerators and freezers and make any necessary repairs.


We service the following:

• Home Refrigerators & Freezers

• Commercial Walk-In & Reach-In Freezers & Refrigerators

Our Services

Air Conditioning - Service & Repair


C & L Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning offers the following a/c repairs and service for business and homeowners:


• Outdoor Unit Installation
• Check the Freon™ Level
• Cleaning & Service for the Fan Motor & Condenser Coil

• Indoor & Outdoor Insulation for Evaporation Coils

• Update Wire Cooling



Heating - Service & Repair

The following are service and repairs we offer for homeowners:


• Clean & Service Your Unit
• Make Any Necessary Repairs
• Check the Unit to Ensure it is Functioning Properly
 • Check for Any Obstructions that May Cause a Fire
• Update the System According to Virginia Code

• Clean & Service Heat Pumps
• Check Refrigerant Lev


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